Can we extend the breeding season with ultrasonography?

When humans mate, they have the advantage of being able to do so all year round. In contrast, animals tend to mate seasonally, and this can pose a dilemma for breeders and/or farmers – what happens if the breeding season is bypassed without mating occurring?

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Using ultrasound to diagnose disease in cows

The outcome of treatments for medical conditions can often be greatly improved when early
detection and diagnosis is given.

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How to choose a veterinary ultrasound machine for pregnancy scanning

Wondering what ultrasound machine to choose? Vet Image Solutions is an AUA-approved ultrasound equipment supplier

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Investigating the feline kidney using ultrasonography

Renal biology is essential in helping to better understand the workings
of the kidney.

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Ultrasound imaging in the food industry – what we can learn

Here at Vet Image Solutions we know just how versatile ultrasonography can be – whether it’s a veterinarian
scanning a cat, to a breeder examining their dog for pregnancy, to a farmer
using ultrasound imaging on their herd of cows, veterinary ultrasound can be
used on all kinds of animals.

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Canine Breeder Training with Vet Image Solutions

Our regular Level 1 and 2 Training courses

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Canine pregnancy and veterinary ultrasound

Veterinary ultrasound is a useful tool in both confirming pregnancy in bitches and also in monitoring pregnancy throughout the gestation period of between 58-68 days.

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Ultrasound imaging and equine fat tissue

The use of ultrasound imaging for assessing elements relating to equine obesity is the topic for this week

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Utilising ultrasound as a guide in donkeys

In order to further our understanding of the physiology of our bodies, a number of different techniques can be used

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Equine abdominal ultrasonography – what we can learn

The use for ultrasound imaging in equine studies allows non-invasive examination in animals that are conscious, bypassing the need for sedation which could otherwise be problematic

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