Identifying cattle with superior muscling across the loin is difficult, but ultrasound can be used to enable breeders to select animals with superior loins and avoid those with a high level of carcase fat. Selective breeding for muscle depth can greatly enhance total muscle yield (see Signet Breeding Services for more information).


Signet Breeding Services, who have recently developed the S6vBW in conjunction with Vet Image Solutions, scan cattle between 350-500 days across the last rib and third lumber vertebrae.


Pictured below, Robert Paton measures fat and muscle depth on cattle in Bedfordshire using a specially developed meat grading probe and measurement software.




The work which Signet are performing is highly specialised and the S6vBW has undergone a number of developments in order to meet their needs. For many, the SonoScape A6v would provide sufficient image quality and functionality.


To discuss your exact requirements, please email  or call us on 0208 432 9802.

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